Netscape 5 
one might ask: what happened after netscape 4.7? explorer 5! ok. so the newformed netscape/aol/time-warner konlomerat decided to skip 5 and move on to 6. if one cannot change the picture one must change the frame. the frame as the browser became invisible during the commerzilisation of the data.autobahn. so if it already vanished before our eyes and settled down in sub- consciousness, the only way out of desaster was to erase all availiable |_| kommando.strukturen. mikro.kolonism one new and special feature is the browsers ability to alter all incoming and outgoing data. of course this feature can be turned off. the essenz might be that all i/o data [in a silikon or karbon.organism] is changing a: the view &b: the organism.
dounload netszape 5 . . ._insztruktion manual./.cshrc/carbon.configuration.file .unpak deszired software ..locate netscape communicator folder ...replace given files ....run .....? kontakt no term of use.
electrocontact@hotmail.com "super-elegant software...!" jennifer@disinfo.com "and i can use netscape as my email account. and the best thing: it is more stable than the original netscape." mike56@netscape.org "... its fantastic. every time i open my browser i get a different view on the internet.
no preview. because only 1==1. therefore preview != actual view.