~ [my computr is a pop star] ___
My computer is a Rockstar
My computer is a Heavy-Metal-Star
My computer is Michael Jackson
The Original is the Copy is the Plagiat is the Real Thing™. Now even better. 100% more Gefühl. Midinette. The Orginal in the Age of bio-mechanical Reproduction. M7!. I can feel it coming on the Ethernetz now. <!-- (the audiense listens) --> Index of /midi-band [SND]a-d-.h-b}ells{.mp3 [SND]A~girl_like-y,S.mp3 [SND]aa-take.on.mp3 [SND]alexandrie~a.mp3 [SND]comme~d~habitude.mp3 [SND]ela{.ha-liko.mp3 [SND]eu_final{ountdown.mp3 [SND]final-hautaan.mp3 [SND]k-W.mode{l}.mp3 [SND]life=life.mp3 [SND]m{8d-w{brrld.mp3 [SND]mad-world.32-tres-cool.mp3 [SND]metl-0else.mp3 [SND]n.{baisse.mp3 [SND]n.i-bl-.mp3 [SND]naa.{baisse-moi{.mp3 [SND]nan-a{hrt-shp--bX{.mp3 [SND]neu.ordnung.blau.montag.mp2 [SND]nrv-a.s{l{t{s.mp3 [SND]nrv.-Li.mp3 [SND]nv.co-a-Y{are{.mp3 [SND]ny-ny.mp3 [SND]radi-ed.k{rm{p}olis.mp3 [SND]smo-th-{yu-ki}--{.mp3 [SND]smo-th-Crm.nal.mp3