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Shiho Fukuhara and Georg Tremmel teamed up with Japanese fashion photographer
Takashi Kamei and stylist Nao Kumamoto to create images of distracting beauty
and beautiful distraction.

The photos are based on the forthcoming product 'TATTCC' which replaces ordinary
tattoo ink with special ink, that is enriched with human DNA.
In the images the boy writes his name using his own DNA ink under his
girlfriend's skin as a symbol for their everlasting love.

TATTCC takes the symbolic bond of love and affection into the century of
biotechnology. Previously, blood was a symbol of life but also of individual
identitity. Close friends would become blood-brothers and lovers would have carried
the blood of their partner around their neck. Today we know that DNA, not
blood is the secret of live - and love.

TATTCC. I want you under my skin.

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